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The Aqua protocol is a decentralised, trustless and permissionless European style options

Diversify your treasury management by using Options. 
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  • Exercise Options with One-Click
  • Managed by Existing Bela Team
  • Liquidity Locked by Unicrypt 256 Years
  • Generate Residual Funding

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Aqua Options Protocol enables market participants to simply deposit collateral and the blockchain powered smart contract automatically manages the strategy.
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No Strikes, No Expires

Long and short options always at-the-money, perpetual option strategy.

Exposure with Limits

Long strategies gives traders a leveraged position with unlimited upside, protected downside, and no liquidations

Concentrated Liquidity

Aqua introduces much lower risk via hedging than non-liquid option markets

Earn Yield as an LP

Provide Liquidity to the protocol and hedge risk and earn LP protocol fees

Options Transformed

Multi-Chain secure options with multi-level strategy integration, built on the blockchain.

In-Built Risk Management

We've developed a bespoke risk manaement system to ensure secure and reliable trade execution.

Liquidity Management

Bespoke liqudiity management system to ensure instant liqudiity for all market participants.

Aqua Options Protocol

Execute Options on Aqua

We can tailor an appropriate strategy to fit your needs.

Treasury Management

  • 256 Year Liquidity Lock
  • Bespoke LP System
  • Instant Trading
  • Liquid Execution